Skills4Holme | History

History of Skills 4 Holme     

Skills 4 Holme was founded by Holme Christian Fellowship in 2012. The church became aware of large numbers of 18 to 24 year olds in the community centred on Holme on Spalding Moor who neeeded encouragement to find employment and felt that they wanted to do something to help.


Although run through a Christian organisation, Skills 4 Holme is a separate limited company and make no restrictions on beliefs, gender, culture or ethnicity. The only restriction which we placed on the people joining the project at the beginning was that they should be in the 18 to 24 age range since this was identified as the area of greatest need.


The aim was to provide a non threatening workplace environment where people could receive skills training, but most importantly that the people coming should get used to the world of work and gain self esteem and self respect.


A successful bid to the Big Lottery Fund generated the funding to enable the organisation to be set up. As can be seen from the pictures above Skills 4 Holme leased some pig houses at Oaks Farm and converted these into a good quality workshop, storage areas and training room. This was largely done by volunteers and took nearly 6 months.


Skills 4 Holme "opened for business" at Easter 2013 and in May we joined the Holme Community Day for the first time, giving trainees an opportunity to show what they had made and the community to see what was going on.


In the first 12 months 17 young people passed through the scheme, many gaining employment after a period at "S4H".


In the autumn of 2013, S4H received a grant from East Riding to start a new community programme which we referred to as "New Beginnings".  The upper age range for all the activities of S4H was removed, and programmes were set up, once again run by volunteers, to provide something for people who are housebound or simply fed up, to get involved in making and learning.


In 2014 all these activities continue - some have increased, some decreased - nothing which is not to be expected as we find our way to meet community needs.


S4H is funded partly through grants but mainly through selling products it makes (see the Gallery and Products pages) and by providing repair and garden maintenance services.  We specialise in designing and making "specials" - either because they are a non standard size or because they are just unusual items. 


S4H remains a non profit making organisation as a legal subsidiary of Holme Christian Fellowship.  As such it retains Christian ethics, but does not make any requirement on people attending any activities to share our beliefs.


If we can help you please send an email with your contact details to or telephone us on 0752 808 2339.